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Modern DJ Service was created on the belief that we would cater to all your music needs. “Music Needs” means more than just sitting behind a table and playing music, but actively participating with all the guests. We treat the party as if it was our own party where all the guests are our personal friends and family. By doing this, we create packages specifically designed to satisfy all your party needs. This highly personable approach makes us the most personal company in the professional mobile disc-jockey market. 

Starting with your first inquiry, we follow through with every step on the most personal level. The entertainer assigned to your party will contact you and discuss the music and atmosphere wanted at your party. By the day of your party, you will be friends with your entertainer and he will know what is expected of his performance. During the occasion, our entertainer will become actively involved in your party by motivating the guests through audience – participation dances and through our guaranteed selection of music ranging from the 1940’s to the 1990’s.

After the party, our disc-jockey will follow – up to make sure that you were completely satisfied with his performance. Remember, our company’s mission is not fulfilled unless you are completely satisfied. We specialize in ALL special occasions including Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We also offer extras such as lights, CD Recording and other apparel needed at your request.

Now is the time to take your first step by calling 1-800-882-8450 and discussing your party with one of our sales representatives. In turn, we will then create a package personally designed to meet your needs and wants at a price that you will find appealing. Thank you for the time and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Guaranteed to All Clients of MODERN DJ SERVICE

1. Your disc-jockey will return all calls to you on a prompt basis.

2. Your disc-jockey will play for the assigned time period; starting at the start time and playing continuously until the finishing time.

3. Your disc-jockey will always put forth 110% effort.

4. Your disc-jockey will dress and act in a professional, respectful, and courteous manner.

5. Your disc-jockey will always be honest and respectful to the guests at your party.

6. Your disc-jockey will try his/her best to accommodate all music requests to the best of his/her ability and time limitations.

7. Your disc-jockey will not play any music that the client has deemed not playable or inappropriate.

8. Your disc-jockey will be able to stay one hour past finishing time, at the cost of the assigned overtime rate. If the disc-jockey has other commitments, this will be noted.

9. The disc-jockey will not drink alcohol, smoke, or participate in other unprofessional behaviors during your party.

10. Your disc-jockey will do his/her best to make your party all that you’ve pictured it to be.


My relationship with music has been strong from early childhood. As a child I attended many functions where a DJ was present, and I never felt completely satisfied with the entertainment they provided. From rock concerts to buying cassettes and CD’s, I have always known in the back of my mind that music would play an important role in my future. In high school, I used “old-fashioned” turntables and a lousy mixer that some friends had to mix tapes and entertain some friends. My ambitions grew, and in 1990 when I entered Trenton State College, I became a DJ on the college radio station, WTSR 91.3. I enjoyed being on the air and I even ran contests to get my listeners more involved, but that was not enough. I wanted to be on a more personal level with the people I was entertaining. After my sophomore year, my future became apparent to me. My fraternity in college needed someone to play music at our social events, and since I possessed over 200 CD’s at the time, I volunteered my services. I bought my first sound system that year and the dream began to take form. I was asked to do my first job on June 22, 1992 and this became a memorable day for me. At that party, I gained confidence that I had found a career, and I also found someone that believed in my ideas.

Senior Associate Dan Greenhall agreed to join forces with me to create Modern Music Service. Our belief from the beginning was that being a DJ would be more than just playing music. We would be entertainers catering to the needs of our clients. We have made great leaps in gaining knowledge and experience to provide a service to our guests that we feel is acceptable to our high standards of performance.

From our early days of doing college semi-formals and bars, we have now expanded to three subsidiaries featuring a night-life, college and formal corps. We now employ a vast pool of experienced disc-jockeys and entertainers and we cover gigs all over the tri-state area.

The only thing that has changed from our original plan is our name. We are Modern DJ Service, and I, David Bain, would like you to become part of our history.


To provide an entertainment service where the performance is not only of the greatest caliber, but of the greatest personal touch.


We believe that every job should be treated as though it was our last. Our standards require 110% effort and we accept nothing less. We treat every job as if it was our own personal party where all the guests are our personal friends and family. By doing so, we respect the rights of every client and of every guest at our party. Clients are treated on a personal level for they are our extended family and the connections made through our performances are ones that are meant to last a lifetime. The client’s satisfaction is our main concern.

In treating every client on a personal level, we utilize the benefits of being a larger company to emphasize our small business personality. by maintaining this philosophy, we believe that MODERN DJ SERVICE is “Catering to All Your Music Needs”.

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